Iguana Care

Iguanas are some of the most challenging lizards to keep in captivity, potentially dangerous but most rewarding. They are not to be purchased for your children. Please read over this website very thoroughly before purchasing an iguana or if you have recently purchased one.


If you are thinking about getting a reptile for your child, please read this link to see which reptiles are best suited for children and why. http://www.greenigsociety.org/kc10.htm

DIET:  These food charts will help you determine which foods are good to feed your iguanas as a staple, occasionally, rarely and never.

🐉Food Charts For Iguanas:



-A very informative food chart by a fiji iguana breeder that will give you detailed information of the contents of many foods you can offer your iguanas. http://brachylophus.dk/keeping/feeding/vegetables.html

🐉Interior Alaska RAE Rescue’s blog post on preparing daily salads for your iguanas.


🔆 Lighting is crucial for the health and well being of your iguana. It’s very important to understand that not only are all uvb bulbs not created equally, but that some of them can be very harmful and even deadly to your iguana. Please read all the lighting information to better understand how all the different bulbs work, which ones are dangerous and how to setup your iguana’s lighting properly.

-Great information on lighting and how all the different types of lights work. PLEASE READ THIS!!! http://www.reptilesmagazine.com/Reptile-Health/Habitats-Care/Reptile-Lighting-Information/

-Here's a great video that will explain the differences between compact, tube lighting, and mercury vapor bulbs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=AUu24MNO2Ho#!

-Information on the affects and dangers of compact fluorescent uvb bulbs and certain tube style bulbs (Desert Series). http://www.uvguide.co.uk/phototherapyphosphor.htm

-Information on colored heat bulbs and whether or not they are seen by your reptile.http://reptileapartment.com/colored-lights-reptiles-myths-the-pet-store-told-me/

-Some information on the T8 Reptisun 10.0 bulbs.  https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B83Jvd2GQWR4aGVpZDRRczFqSjQ/edit

-A great video by Arcadia on the importance of good quality uvb lighting and why it's essential for the health of your critters! https://vimeo.com/132929989

-Business where you can purchase Arcadia lighting in the US. Some of the best quality lighting available for iguanas. www.lightyourreptiles.com

-A great article on the D3 Cycle. http://www.arcadia-reptile.com/the-d3-cycle/

💦 Humidity:

-How to build your own dry mist humidifier. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9475l-RlkY

-Video showing the differences between wet mist and dry mist.https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=391953820967540

Sanitizing Accessories:

Cleaning outdoor items such as wood and rocks for use in your vivs. http://www.herpcenter.com/reptile-articles/enclosure-wood-sanitation.html

😀 Facebook Groups

-This is a great Facebook group tightly run by several admins who’s goal is the health and well being of iguanas. Not just a show and tell group. They truly do care for these animals.


-This group is your biggest source of information for setting up bioactive enclosures. Please read the group rules doc first, check the files section for all your questions and then post any questions you may have. They frown on blindly joining the group and posting questions without going over their files section.https://www.facebook.com/groups/300589990105820/

-This group covers reptile enclosures and racks and custom building.


Great post on usable space in large enclosures. It’s important that you are mindful of what you do with all that space. http://brachylophus.dk/usable%20surface%20area.html