Before ordering feeder bugs, please refer to this list of feeders where you will get a better understanding of the nutritional value of the feeders you want to purchase. It’s important to get your lizards on a good staple feeder diet from the start to ensure they will eat those  better feeders as they grow. Some feeders are great for putting on weight but not great to feed often. Some feeders are great for gravid females to give them an extra boost in calcium. Some feeders are like lizard crack and may get your lizard in a bad habit of not eating the more nutritional feeders.


Interior Alaska RAE Rescue sells dubia roach colonies and feeders of all sizes. You can find all order information here.

PETCO also sells bugs here in Fairbanks but they are a very poor source and you will run the risk of giving your reptiles parasites feeding them Petco feeders.


Mulberry Farms - Butterflies, Butter Worms, Crickets, Hornworms, Mealworms, Phoenix Worms, Roaches, Silkworms, Superworms, and Wax Worms

Lazy H - Crickets and Superworms

Coastal Silk Worms - Hornworms, Phoenix Worms, and Silkworms

Rainbow Meal Worms - Mealworms, hornworms, waxowrms, crickets, roaches and more.

The Roach Ranch - Dubia Roaches

Florida Roaches - Florida Discoid Roaches, Green Banana Roaches, Death's Head Roaches, Giant Cave Roaches, Horseshoe Crab Roaches, and Pale Bordered Field Cockroaches

West Coast Roaches - WestCoast Roaches offers a variety of feeders and consistently has auctions on their facebook page.

The Roach Guy - Dubia Roaches

Linda’s Gone Buggie -

Great Lakes Hornworm - Hornworms, Superworms, Mealworms and Crickets

Armstrong’s Cricket Farm - Big Reds, Crickets, Giant Mealworms, Mealworms, Nightcrawlers, Red Worms, Superworms, and Wax Worms

Bearded Dragon Co - This store is a great source for supplements, first aid and so much more for many reptiles. Not just bearded dragons.


Rodent Pro - Frozen mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens and quail

Perfect Prey - Frozen rats, mice, african soft fur rats, day old chicks, crickets, meal worms, wax worms

Layne Labs - Frozen mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, quail, chicks


Josh's Frogs (USA):

Genesis Exotics (USA- based, ships internationally):

BugsInCyberspace (USA):