This is an excellent group for all your questions and concerns regarding bearded dragons. There are members in this group who's knowledge far surpasses any vet we have in town when it comes to bearded dragons. There is no other group like it.  It is not a show and tell group period.  It is for the health and well being of dragons.  Only post questions regarding issues with our dragon or how to properly care for it.  It's run by the lady who owns the store. I believe she's a breeder and a genius when it comes to beardie issues and makes many of the vitamins she sells on her website. I was referred to her and her website by many very knowledgeable beardie owners and she is amazing!

This group pertains to leopard geckos.

This group is tightly run by several admins who’s goal is the health and well being of iguanas. Not just a show and tell group. They truly do care for these animals.

There are several groups on Facebook for chameleons. Just search chameleons. However, most people find this forum to be of the greatest help with their chameleons.

Here is a group for all the savannah monitor owners out there. It's not a show and tell group but mainly there to teach you proper husbandry and care for your monitor. I can't say that it's been a barrel of laughs but they are very knowledgeable and reallly know their stuff when it comes to monitors.

Here is a group that pertains to tokay geckos.

This group pertains to gargoyle geckos.

This group pertains to ball pythons. Never really thrilled about ball python groups or care sheets as they encourage such small enclosures with little accessories. In my experience it's not the small space they need but rather the security. Give them space and branches to climb around on along with hides and greenery for added security and they will be quite secure, happy and get exercise.

This group is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to boa constrictors. This group is mainly for BCI's and BCC's. Not a general boa group. You will not find a more well behaved and experienced group of boa constrictor keepers. They have an amazing team of admins and ensure only good information is shared regarding boa constrictor care.

This group pertains to both Colombian and Brazilian Rainbow Boas.

This group pertains to amazon tree boas.

Shared by Jamie Straatsma:  This group pertains to argentine boas (BCO).

This is a group that pertains only to green tree pythons.  It is an excellent group well run by it's admins.  You can pretty much post anything in this group regarding green tree pythons.

This group pertains to corn snakes.

This group pertains to rat snakes.

This group pertains to carpet pythons.

This group pertains to blood pythons, sumatran short tail pythons and borneo pythons.

This is a group dedicated to reticulated pythons. You may post anything you like in this group pertaining to retics. It is a gigantic group full of lots of experienced keepers.

This group pertains to Russian Tortoises.

This group pertains to African Spurred Tortoises - Sulcatas

This group is your biggest source of information for setting up bioactive enclosures. Please read the group rules doc first, check the files section for all your questions and then post any questions you may have. They frown on blindly joining the group and posting questions without going over their files section.

This group covers reptile enclosures and racks and custom building.

This group pertains to dubia roaches, breeding and caring for them.

Here's an international group dedicated to Tarantulas

A group for Alaskan's selling aquatics and reptiles.