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#402 - Into the Nexus: “Rehgar Salad Bar”

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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!

It’s patch time! Rehgar rework, Probius update and a horde of other adjustments. Garrett and Kyle walk you through all the upcoming changes to get you ready for December 6th. What themes will develop? What can we expect from the future and its this balance for our home games, or CCL focused.

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Skins and Mounts video

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Developer Comment: We're happy with how Healing Wells functions in our ARAM game mode, so we're giving it a try everywhere. Additionally, Forts and Keeps now have additional health as they've absorbed the health of their nearby Healing Wells.

Healing Wells



Rework: Rehgar

Developer Comment: Its been a while since we've made any major changes to Rehgar and while his win rates are not worrisome, his identity as a flexible generalist healer has suffered as of late. With this rework, we're making a number of quality-of-life changes by baselining some of the talents that felt mandatory as well as introducing new talents to sharpen his build identities. Just to prove that old dogs can learn new tricks, we've also given Rehgar a new activated trait, Purge, which allows him to micro-cleanse an ally or momentarily snare a distant enemy.

Lightning Shield [W]

Earthbind Totem [E]


Level 7 - (New) Purification [Trait D]


Level 1 - Stormcaller [W]

Level 1 - Grounded Totem [E]

Level 1 - Feral Heart [Z]


Level 4 - Earthliving Enchant [Q]

Level 4 - Electric Charge [W]

Level 4 - Healing Totem [E/Active]


Level 7 - Cleanse [Active]

Level 7 - Colossal Totem [E]

Level 7 - Blood and Thunder [Z]

Level 13 - Tidal Waves [Q]

Level 13 - Earth Shield [W]

Level 13 - (New) Wellspring [E]

Level 16 - Rising Storm [W]

Level 16 - Earthgrasp Totem [E]

Level 16 - Hunger of the Wolf [Z]

Level 20 - Rewind [Active]

Level 20 - Stormshield [Active]

Level 20 - Elemental Conduit [Active]

Level 20 - Pit Fighter [Passive]

Lite Rework: Probius

Developer Comment: Probius has always had high requirements for successfully utilizing his abilities. The theme of this update is to turn those requirements into benefits, making Probius more approachable while still rewarding mastery. While the baseline changes to Warp Rift and Photon Cannon affect the identity of these abilities, we hope long-time Probius players are still able to punish enemy Heroes that underestimate our favorite Probe.

Warp Rift [W]

Photon Cannon [E]

Level 1 - Echo Pulse [Q]

Level 1 - Gather Minerals [E]

Level 7 - Particle Accelerator [Q]

Level 7 - Rift Shock [W]

Level 10 - Pylon Overcharge [R1]

Level 20 - Shoot 'Em Up [Q]

1% pickrate this week



Developer Comment: Auriel’s Q talents have fallen off in both popularity and win rates, so we’re baking in the Swift Sweep talent functionality to help the abilities’ overall efficacy. We’re also bumping up some other talents that aren’t performing well. Similar to Zarya, Auriel’s power dynamics can change dramatically with even small number tweaks, so we’re keeping these changes relatively light this time around.

Sacred Sweep [Q]

Level 1 - Swift Sweep [Q]

Level 4 - Heavy Burden [E]

Level 16 - Will of Heaven [D]

Level 16 - Wrath of Heaven [D]


Developer Comment: Brightwing remains strong at all levels of play, and is also terrorizing her foes at higher levels. While this is a substantial nerf to Invisible Friends on paper, we feel Brightwing still has compelling reasons to take the talent.

Level 1 - Hyper Shift [Z]

Level 4 - Magic Spit [Passive]

Level 20 - Invisible Friends [R1]


Developer Comment: Stukov’s level 1 talents have seen an influx of strength over the last couple months, and everything has a cost.

Bio-Kill Switch [Q]


Developer Comment: Dehaka has been collecting essence very successfully after his last update increased his attack speed, so we’re reining him in a smidge.

Basic Attack

Level 4 - Lurker Strain [E]

Level 7 - Feeding Frenzy [Q]


Developer Comment: Falstad has landed quite well after his recent tuning, and we think a mild buff to Dishonorable Discharge causes all his talent builds to pass with flying colors.

Tailwind [Trait]

Level 1 - Dishonorable Discharge [W]


Developer Comment: Celestial Charge needling enemies a bit more will help Imperius out, especially when taking Impaling Light. We’re happy with the gameplay of the Solarian’s Fire build, but we’d rather Imperius continue onward rather than go out in a Blaze of Glory.

Celestial Charge [Q]

Level 7 - Blaze of Glory [W]


Developer Comment: In games where Jaina’s team falls behind, we think it’s harder than it should be to unlock Improved Ice Block, especially when Jaina is focused on clearing enemy Minion waves (THANK YOU). This should even that out, as well as provide a boon for Jaina players that blast away their opponents. Blizzard and Cone of Cold talents are competing nicely, so we thought we’d provide some quality of life to a Frostbolt talent.

Improved Ice Block [1]

Level 1 - Winter’s Reach [Q]


Developer Comment: Competing against strong Shield Glare talents, Divine Fortress’ Physical Armor wasn’t super appealing. We hope this change provides a comparable option for dealing with Physical damage while feeling and playing differently. While we’re here, we continue to drag part of Hold Your Ground’s benefit baseline in our endless journey to make the tier more competitive. Other than that, we have mild buffs for weak talents, and a whisper of a nerf to Heaven’s Fury.

Iron Skin [D]

Level 1 - Divine Fortress [Passive]

Level 1 - Zealous Glare [E]

Level 4 - Hold Your Ground [D]

Level 7 - Sins Exposed [Q]

Level 7 - Steed Charge [Active]

Level 13 - Roar [Q]

Level 20 - Heaven’s Fury [R1]


Developer Comment: Junkrat has caused more than enough mayhem for now – we believe that Big As was making Steel Traps an issue too frequently when combined with Gotta Trap ‘Em All! We think the decision between traps that demand a Hero’s intervention versus many traps is still interesting, but we’ll be keeping an eye on him.

Level 7 - Big As [E]

Level 20 - Puckish Scamp [R2]


Developer Comment: Lunara has hopped a little higher than we expected, so we’re diluting her poison.

Nature’s Toxin [Trait]

Level 7 - Choking Pollen [Q]


Developer Comment: Jimmy was never one to quit a fight.

Level 1 - Ace In The Hole [Passive]

Level 7 - Heavy Slugs [Q]

Level 20 - Cavalry's Arrived [R1]

Level 20 - Dusk Wing [R2]


Developer Comment: Ranger causing Sentinel to hit two Heroes has become the dominant style for playing Tyrande, so we’re reducing the power of Harsh Moonlight and Empower and raising up her weaker talents.

Level 1 - Lunar Blaze [E] Pretty horrible winrate

Level 1 - Trueshot Aura [Active]

Level 4 - Mark of Mending [D]

Level 13 - Harsh Moonlight [W] Most picked highest winrate by far

Level 16 - Empower [W] Most picked highest winrate by far

Level 20 - Eyes of the Huntress [R1] Already does fine

Level 20 - Celestial Wrath [R2] Pretty horrible winrate


Developer Comment: The last round of Zarya changes didn’t blow her overall power out of proportion, so we’re touching up a few more underperforming talents.

Level 1 - Together We Are Strong [E]

Level 7 - Deep Burn [Q]

Bug Fixes











Balance Summation




Power Redistribute


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