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#377 - Into the Nexus: “Garrett Really Hates Subdue”

• Garrett • Kyle

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Kofalt is on the case! Blue posts, it’s what’s for dinner on Into the Nexus. The new, and we assume, Lead Balance Designer has taken to Reddit to show us the future. Updates incoming soon for Raynor, Malfurion and Johanna. Garrett and Kyle have opinions on Subdue and go through your emails.

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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!

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June 24th, Kiyeberreis rejoins the show

News - Kofalt Teases Future Changes

Kofalt Explains Their Posting Habits

User Responsible_Pay_1493 posted a question to r/HeroesOfTheStorm asking: Why Does Blizzard’s Attention to the Community Seem to Come in Bursts?

BlizzKofalt: Speaking for just myself, there is a window of time that I prefer to comment - when my part for an upcoming patch is mostly complete.

Here's my thought process:


While ending their explanation regarding Pre-Patch commentary Kofalt gave

For example, the upcoming patch will have Raynor's Ace in the Hole returning to its pre-rework functionality. This decision was reached after reading community sentiment throughout the patch, but I'm only commenting now, when I know it's going to happen.

Yup - his Basic Attack and Penetrating Round damage are getting some love.

Kofalt went on to preview changes to Raynor, but that starts to get into one of multiple future patch changes that Kofalt teased. Before we get into that let’s thank this week’s sponsor...

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The Malfurion Tranquility Bug

Tranquility (R):

Heals nearby allied Heroes for 80 (+4% per level) Health per second for 8 seconds. Allies affected by Regrowth within Tranquility's area gain 10 Armor.

The Bug

The official tooltip for Serenity states the following:

Each enemy Hero hit by Moonfire reduces the cooldown of Tranquility by 3 seconds. Increase Tranquility's healing by 10% per ally affected by Regrowth.

Due to old functionalities that have not been removed, Serenity actually works like this:

Each enemy Hero hit by Moonfire reduces the cooldown of Tranquility by 3 seconds. Increase Tranquility's healing by 25% baseline and by 10% per ally affected by Regrowth. Tranquility lasts 2 more seconds.

We're updating the tooltip to reflect its extra 25% Tranquility healing.

We're also cutting the extra 2 seconds of Tranquility duration from Serenity.

TLDR: Tranq has been bugged for years. The “bugged” 25% healing is staying, but the extra 2 seconds is going away.


User PhantomV13, posted a deep analysis of Johanna’s rework and Kofalt got in on the conversation while also previewing a buff to Holy Fury as well as some baseline changes.

Original Quote: At the moment we're just going to drag some of Hold Your Ground's increased Shield baseline, and touch up Sins Exposed/Steed Charge.

Kofalt also said they’ll “keep chewing on your thoughts, particularly about making Hold Your Ground and Indestructible more exciting. Perhaps with Hold Your Ground's power less tied to just Shield amount, there's more room to give it something spicy.”

Another user asked about buffing Holy Fury?

Doing a boring buff of taking its base damage from 12 to 15, probably going to revisit it in the future if/when that doesn't move the needle.

On HOTSlogs at the moment Holy Fury (35% popularity) is the second most-popular pick compared to Blessed Hammer (44% popularity). I’d be curious what Blizzard’s internal stats are. Leaving Roar as the odd talent out (even though it has a slightly higher WR than Holy Fury). Blessed Hammer is the only Lv.13 talent with a +50% WR.

What is your favorite Hero for The Dings?

Tychus' In the Rhythm will always be my go-to when I crave the dings.

Kyle who is your favorite character for dings?

Global BattleNet

Bnet is going friends list global.

Cross-Play is coming to Overwatch soon, allowing players to group up and play together. Powered by the latest global update, players from around the world can team up, regardless of their preferred platform*. With the release of cross-play, all players will need to make a account and link their appropriate console accounts. With the launch of Cross-Play, everyone who logs in to Overwatch by the end of 2021 will receive a Golden Loot Box to celebrate.



De La Soak

Kyle seems to have run the gamut of roles so I guess this question is more for garrett?

You've been offlaning for years, it seems, with some healing on the side. Is there a role you're excited about the idea of learning but have never taken the plunge on? I'm also an offlaner but have always wanted to learn tank, hence why I'm curious about your perspective


Hello Garrett and Kyle!

Since I had been planning to support you guys for a while I decided after listening to this past week's cast to support and answer a question you posed. One talent I'd like to see become active at level up is Zul'jin's twin cleave getting double spin at level 13. But since you don't want to drop the questing portion of his design, I'd suggest making the stack completion give his level 20 talent A Surprise For Ya. Anyway, thanks for the great podcast and I look forward to listening each week!


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Personal Stuff



Serbeus (Sir-Bee-Us)

I think we may want to save this as a main topic for a slow week. Make it a returning players’ guide.

I'm looking to get back into HotS; I heard Garrett talking about the updates on another show and have kind of been in between games so I thought I'd jump back in with the big patch.

Based on the hero release history, I last played seriously in late 2018. I know there have been some significant overhauls to the game and I have loosely followed the big updates and the disappointing fall of eSports support by Blizzard. However, I thought I'd write in and ask: Any general or high-level advice for a returning player? Any characters that I MUST check out? Whitemane was the last character announcement I remember when I was still active. And lastly, is 'Heroes Hearth' the best place to catch HotS eSports action?

Thank you for all the great content and still covering this great game. I got warm feelies seeing the podcast back in my queue.