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Group Critique Open Dialogues
The Open Dialogue series is a new program meant to build community by bringing DVAA members together - offering the space and structure to talk, share currently evolving bodies of artwork, learn from each other, and get feedback. The Open Dialogue series is broken down into two parts: the Group Critique Open Dialogues which function like a classic critique in which members who have signed up in advance will bring their works for a group discussion, and the Exhibition-Based Open Dialogues which examine the current exhibition in DVAA's gallery 1 space as a means of discussing the elements and thematic concerns of that exhibition and objectively contemplating the exhibition process from the curatorial side of things.

For Group Critique Open Dialogues, the gathering/discussion will be guided by DVAA team members and will be focused on exchanging ideas about your artwork and process. We hope to provide the space for discovering areas of common interest, inspiration for collaboration, or support in solving a particular problem you may be having in your work. Members who sign up in advance are invited to bring portable examples of their work and/or images to share. All members are welcome to attend Group Critiques to offer feedback, but there are limited spots for artists to present at each Group Critique due to time restraints, so sign up today!

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