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Indonesia with 267 million populations (2019) is a very large market for the livestock industry. With Indonesia's economic growth more than 5% per year, consumption of livestock products in Indonesian will experience growth more than 5% because the increase in income, they are experiencing a transformation of consumption from carbohydrate sources into protein sources. That is why Indonesia is a very prospective country for investment in livestock business, especially poultry, because chicken meat and eggs in Indonesia are the cheapest source of animal protein. However, a number of challenges faced by the poultry business, including high fluctuations of farm gate price, raw material prices that are less competitive, and handling of poultry health management after the AGP ban. In connection with this we took the initiative to organize an international conference on poultry called Indonesia International Poultry Conference (IIPC). This conference (in Bahasa) will be discussed the theme: “Poultry Health Management & Technology in AGP Free Era". This event will be attended by poultry business people and government delegates from Indonesia and neighboring countries.

The conference will be held on:
• Date, day: Thursday-Saturday, 2-4 April 2020
• Location: The Alana Blulukan Hotel , Solo, Central Java, Indonesia
• Participants: 200 people

a. Dr. Luuk Schoonman (FAO) “Poultry Health & Disease Control in Asian Countries”
b. Prof. Charles Rangga Tabu (UGM) “Trend of Poultry Diseases in Indonesia”
c. Prof. I Wayan Teguh Wibawan (IPB) “Imunosuppresive Cases in Poultry Farm”
d. Prof. Dr. drh. Michael Haryadi Wibowo (UGM) “Common Disease in Layer”
e. Dr. drh. NLP. Indi Dharmayanthi, M.Si (BALITVET) “Avian Influenza in Indonesia”
f. Tony Unandar “Poultry Health Management in AGP Free Era”
and many more expert

The Alana Blulukan Hotel , Solo, Central Java, Indonesia
Travel cost is not included in the registration fee

For more information, please contact:
Ricky +62 812 8022 9118, Mariyam +62 8777 829 6375,
email: cc:
Deadline: 20th March 2020
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