DayzUnderground Ban Appeal Form
Were you banned from a DayzUnderground server, forum, or TeamSpeak? If you wish to appeal that ban, please complete this form.
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To get your Steam Profile URL, open Steam, click on your account name on the top left of your screen, and select profile. Right-click on your profile page and select "Copy Page URL". Paste that URL below.
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If banned from a game server or TeamSpeak, what is the ban message you receive when you attempt to join that server? Please use the exact wording in your answer below.
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Please be as descriptive as possible. If you have any sort of recording, video, audio, screenshots that could help, please provide it below.
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Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us about your ban!
Please take the time to message us through Reddit ModMail and let us know that you have submitted a ban appeal!
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