Mars Hill Acts 17 - Youth Registration
EVENT DATE & TIME: Sept 7, 2019, 5-9pm.
EVENT LOCATION: King George Church of God, 8095 Kings Hwy, King George, VA

*Register at least 2 days prior. Otherwise registration forms will be available at the event.
*Come early at 4:30 for sign-in. The program starts promptly at 5pm.

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You acknowledge and agree to the following: Mars Hill Acts 17 events are for youth ages 12-19. Events include concert haze, strobe lights, live concert volume, and food/drink that may impact some with medical conditions or allergies, and you agree to limit your participation if any of these may impact you. For the safety and enjoyment of all, you agree to be respectful, follow directions, and seek an adult with a Mars Hill badge if any issue occurs. This registration may be used in case of emergency, follow-up contact, and as consent to use public event photos in promotional materials. *
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