Mozilla Festival 2019 - Deliveries
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Are you planning on shipping something to MozFest this year? Well you're in the right place.  This form will collect details on what you're sending to Ravensbourne so we can make sure you get your hands on it as soon as you arrive.

The more complete information you are able to provide, the quicker we can pass your package onto you.

When posting your item please ensure you use the following address structure:

MozFest -  [Your Name]
c/o Marc Walsh
6 Penrose Way
SE10 0EW
United Kingdom
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Remember that any items sent from outside the EU are subject to customs checks and charges. It is your responsibly as the sender to ensure these items either include an carnet for rented or hired equipment or are pre-cleared via the carrier. This can delay the arrival of your good if this is not completed in advance. We will also be unable to collect parcels from Post Offices or other collection points.
What carrier are you using? *
What's the tracking number? *
We strongly advise that you send your item with a tracking number and that you pass this information onto us. Many packages arrive at Ravensbourne over the festival period and this will help ensure we can track down when the parcel arrived and where it would be stored.
What is the expected delivery date? *
We cannot accept items any earlier than Wednesday 23 October this year due to limited space within Ravensbourne. Please ensure that you have chosen a carrier with a specified delivery date or send your items on a timed delivery shortly before coming to site.
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