Ultra Distance Scholarship 2022 Application Form
Thank you for your interest in the Ultra Distance Scholarship! Presented by Stayer Cycles.


This application will close at midnight (BST) on Oct 15th, 2021. The Ultra Distance Scholarship selection committee will be led by coach Alison Wood of Veloqi.cc alongside this year's ultra legendary ultra mentors; Anisa Aubin, Natt Will, and Vera Ngosi-Sambrook.

We invite all interested people of colour/BAME* cyclists to apply for this scholarship.

*we acknowledge that the use of 'people of colour' and 'BAME' does not necessarily serve all individuals within the diverse groups we are trying to reach and we are continuing to learn and update our language as we go. Mixed race individuals welcome. Basically please do not apply if you are white.

More on WHY we created this scholarship on this page: https://www.stayercycles.com/ultra-distance-scholarship/

About the race:

Next year's Ultra Distance Scholarship race is GBDURO!

GBDURO is a 2000km self-supported bikepacking enduro from Land's End to John O'Groats on road, gravel, singletrack, and everything in between.​ The ride consists of 4 timed stages (~500km each); lowest aggregate time over the 4 stages 'wins'...the sweet taste of accomplishment. Many consider GBDURO to be the toughest ultra cycling race in the UK, and many who start do not finish, we're talking like a third of people probably finish. This race is not for the faint of heart, but that's why we chose it! It is a proper challenge, and training for it will require no small sacrifice.

The spirit of The Racing Collective is one of social and environmental responsibility, and we are very pleased to be working with such a conscientious race organiser.

More info about the race and the wonderful Racing Collective can be found here: https://www.theracingcollective.com/gbduro.html

Scholarship eligibility:

-Applicants must live in the UK (we hope to have scope to expand this in future years)
-Applicants must identify as a person of colour or member of the BAME community or related group
-Applicants must be available and able to commit to showing up on race day in August 2022. The tentative race dates are currently 13-23 August 2022
-Applicants must have some base level of cycling ability and fitness for safety (if you're unsure, apply anyways!)
-The recipients must also be able to attend a bike fitting session in London in November 2021

Ideal recipients will:

-be willing to explore the edges of their comfort zones
-be willing to work with coach Alison to coordinate their routines and schedules in an effective way around training
-take time to write an insightful application. You can provide as much information as you want to support your application. We want to learn all about you!
-be understanding of the hard work necessary to undertake training for such an event and committed to putting in the time and effort
-be an enthusiastic, open-minded individual
-be down to shred the patriarchy

The recipients of this scholarship will receive:

-A GBDURO-ready, STAYER bike, specific to ultra-distance racing, and your fit
-A spot in GBDURO 2022
-Coaching support from performance coach Alison Wood of Veloqi for 10 months from November 2021 - August 2022
-Bikepacking bags from Wizard Works
-Performance racing kit from Albion
-Sustenance from Outdoor Provisions over the training period and up to the race
-One-on-one mentorship from a legendary ultra racer over the training period, a new development for 2022, creating a community and network of support

Applicants must be aware that there are potential associated expenses* outside of what the scholarship can support that come with supporting oneself on this 10 month, life changing journey such as:

-travel to and from the race start/finish (or wherever you finish)
-travel to and from London for a bike fit
-any travelling you decide, with your coach, to undertake for training purposes in the 10 months leading up to the race
-the abundance of food you will inevitably eat while undertaking training on and off the bike (made slightly easier with Outdoor Provisions providing snacks!)
-some recipients from 2021 obtained indoor training equipment (ie a turbo) to ensure consistency of training over the winter months. This is not mandatory, and can be discussed with coach Alison, but some found to be an important piece of kit
-monitoring devices such as a heart rate monitor, cadence sensor, or power meter can assist in training, this can all be discussed with coach Alison and such things are definitely not mandatory, just helpful to some
-a navigation computer (help may be available with this one!)

*if the expenses listed above discourage you from applying to this scholarship, let us know in the application below as we can assist recipients with crowdfunding initiatves around these expenses as well as helping in potential searches for borrowing equipment.

Other things to note:

-As is the spirit of a 'self-supported' race, every rider is responsible for themselves and their safety for the duration of the race, including if they decide to cease racing at any point throughout
-training for such an intense race will take an incredible amount of commitment, and while coach Alison will of course work with you in fitting training around your pre-existing schedule, it would be misleading to downplay the time and effort required to train for GBDURO
-all of that being said, and I hope it goes without saying, but there are absolutely no performance expectations that come along with this opportunity. It exists to support you in the best way that it can and to see your through your journey no matter what the outcome ♥️

We look forward to hearing from you!

Please feel free to email Taylor at taylor@stayercycles.com with any questions or concerns.
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Tell us a little about yourself. What are you passionate about, and what is your relationship to cycling? *
This opportunity is specifically for BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) and people of colour. Does this apply to you? *
Have you raced Ultra Distance before? If not, what is your experience (if any) with longer rides or pushing yourself physically? *
Are you willing to be coached from November 2021-August 2022? Have you had a coach before/do you have one currently? *
Ultra Distance is definitely not everyone's favourite, why do you want to try Ultra Distance racing? *
Are you comfortable riding offroad/on trails etc? *
Have you ever camped or used a bivvy bag? What is your experience with being outdoors for long periods of time? *
Do you currently race with a team/would you be racing for a specific team when racing GBDURO? *
It is not a requirement to be active on social media, but if you do have any relevant Instagram or social media channels, please share here. *
Are you able to fund your own travel to and from London in November for a bike fit, to Land's End in August (for the start of the race), and back home from John O'Groats or wherever you might finish (after you complete the race)? Crowd funding assistance for such things is available. *
How much riding do you *currently* do? How far (kms/miles) and how often? Eg: on average, how many times do you ride a week? Or, how many times a month over the last three months? With the coaching aspect to this opportunity, we do not expect you to already be clocking wild distances, but we do need an accurate idea of where you are currently at. *
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