Webutuck High School Principal Search Survey
The Webutuck Central School District will be hiring a new principal for The Webutuck High School for the upcoming school year. It is important to the search committee to include the input of staff and parents in the process. This survey will help us better understand the characteristics you are looking for in a principal so that we can identify the best candidates that match those areas. We appreciate your feedback.

Please complete this survey by January 5, 2022, so that we can use this information to help inform the selection process.

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Administrative Leadership Competencies: These are the competencies we identify and expect in our administrators. Please review and rank from 1 through 7 (1 being the lowest priority and 7 being the highest priority) of what competencies you believe are most important in the next high school principal. You may not choose a number more than once. *
Administrative Experience: Experienced leader with a demonstrated ability to lead and manage staff.
Establishes a Successful Environment: Maintains a positive school climate that establishes rules to be followed, and holds all accountable to follow these rules.
Instructional Leadership: Sets high expectations for learning outcomes, and monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of instruction.
Develops the Organization: Encourages a school culture of change and promotes shared knowledge and shared responsibility for outcomes.
Accountability: Promotes internal/external responsibility and accountability for student achievement and their well-being.
Builds Relationships with People: Fosters genuine trusting relationships with students, staff, families, the community and empowers others to work in the best interest of all students.
Values Diversity and Equity: Understands the richness and diversity of the school community and promotes equitable access to opportunity and achievement.
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