UK Government Collective Intelligence Network
Demos and the UK Cabinet Office would like to invite you to join in as we launch an experiment in bringing new voices to the policymaking process in 2021. Alongside other thinkers, your views and input will be brought to the heart of governmental decision making.

We are inviting you to join a new policy-focused Collective Intelligence Network, or COIN. Running on the platform Polis, we are launching four conversations next year, focusing on Emerging Technology, Serious Organised Crime, Resilience and Defending Democracy. We hope you will take part, both in voicing agreement or disagreement and in submitting your own views through a process that is intuitive, collaborative and hopefully rather rewarding. The results of the conversation will be shared with the Ministers and officials responsible for the policy areas covered. The pilot will consider the further development of collective intelligence products and ways in which they might optimally be inserted into strategy and policymaking processes. If all goes well, you will be helping to shape a radical new approach to policy making and democratic participation in the UK.
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What is a Collective Intelligence Network (COIN)?
A Collective Intelligence Network (COIN) is a digital tool which aims to enable and harness participants' collective intelligence - the shared intelligence that emerges from the collaboration, collective efforts, and competition of many individuals. We're using Polis - you can find out more about the software here:


You will participate every other week for eight weeks (four weeks in total), requiring no more than one hour of your time each week.

The project will be run by the Policy Lab and Demos using a tool called Further information about the Policy Lab and Demos can be found here:

Policy Lab:
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